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Urban culture in Albania is everywhere, it must develop in the true values, because Hip-hop is more than music.

Hip-hop crossed cultural boundries that other music genres never crossed. Hip-hop is not only the music you listen to, but the way you walk, talk, dress and act. Hip hop is a state of mind,an entire generation. Thirty years strong, we are the HIP HOP Generation.

What is Albania hip-hop Kultüre ?

"Hip Hop’s culture is the name of our unique community; it is the name of our tribe. Hiphop Kulture is the manifested character, patterns, beliefs, sciences and arts of OUR collective consciousness; it is our reality and mental landscape. Hiphop Kulture is an international community of specialized urban people”.

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Albanian Hip Hop is a sub-genre of hip hop music from the south-eastern European, it take is roots from many countries in the world, due to the Diaspora and refers to artists from United States, France, Germany, Africa, Canada, etc..

The Albanian hip hop culture began to have an impact during the early 1990s in the same time than the rest of Balkans. Of course Albanian hip hop exist before but it was from some little points. During the communist time it was severely censured and homogenized.
Before 1990 hip hop music wasn’t always played on the radio or television. Albanian hip hop is now spread everywhere in the country. The people in Albania start to understand better what is exactly hip hop and spread the culture in her own network with families, friends, collaborators, etc..
Due to the language Albania, Kosovo, the Republic of Macedonia and Montenegro know the same local hip hop artists.

What happened in the hip-hop albanian world ?


Beginning of the adventure

Team Albania Hip-Hop Fest 2012 Albanian artist was invited in France to present and share what is exactly Albanian hip hop and how Albanian try to develop the urban cultures.
Along his French trip, he had some workshops with French artists and also participate with the French famous Mc : Busta Flex to a event in the north of France.
From this trip some connections was established and collaboration between French artists and Albanian was born.
From their collaboration, an idea of the first french albanian hip hop event was born.


Albania Hip-Hop Fest

Team Albania Hip-Hop Fest 2012 The French embassy, the French alliances and local partners organized the first hip hop week festival in differents cities in Albania, to show, share and develop urban culture.
A French group of artists were sent to Albania to share their knowledge and share hip hop cultures with Albanian artists.
From their collaboration, the first french albanian hip hop show was born. They perform this french/albanian hip hop festival during four nights in cities of Shkodra, Korca, Elbasan and Tirana.


Coming soon ...

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